ROSTHERN REFEREES: Registration dates will be posted soon. Just go to the “registration” section of this website, and click on the registration link high lighted in green. Once you have signed in, choose to register as an “OFFICIAL” rather than a player.



It is strongly encouraged that you attend a refresher course. These are short courses designed to better equip and build confidence for returning referees. These are not certified courses, but rather a general refreshment. If a referee has attended an entry level clinic in 2021, they do not need to attend one of these courses, as they would have received the info at their clinic.

Dates to be determined

To register: go to

REFEREES: Per Valley Soccer, U9 and U11 and U13 games no longer require the three part (pink/yellow/gold) game sheets.  Please do not use this expensive resource when not necessary.  Coaches will have mini game sheets for you to sign.  Please keep track of your games.  Please be on time.

Referee clinics and refresher course information:

WYSA Weather Policy and Conditions-2

Additional Game Rules-3

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