Rules of Play

The rules of play are posted on the Valley Soccer website at

Reminder: Spectators are not to sit or stand on the player side of the field. Non-team personnel sitting on the player side of the fields cause distractions and could have liability issues as all individuals on the player side of the field must have completed the Respect in Sport course. Parents MUST ensure that children are kept off old goal posts. Rosthern Soccer is not liable for any injuries/accidents to spectators or guests and guardians must not allow their children/guests to climb on or play near this or other equipment.  This includes behind the goal keeper – children and spectators must not position themselves behind the goal keeper.  We want the keeper to be free from such distractions for safety purposes.

Please see the “Equipment” portion of this website to review the jewelry rules; all referees must enforce the NO jewelry law. All visible jewelry MUST be removed ( no taping is allowed), along with wrist bands, bandana’s, hair clips, necklaces etc. The only exceptions are smooth wedding bands, and Medic Alert bracelets with the bracelet part taped. Non compliance means that player does NOT play. Please note this applies to Referees as well.

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