2022 Outdoor Soccer Season

** Referees  and Coaches – register by clicking on the below link and choosing “official” instead of player once signed in **

Fee schedule can be found here: Registrations

No registrations are now closed

E-Transfer, cheque, and cash will be accepted for registration payment.  Payment will be required prior to season start. Late payments will be charged if fees are not paid by the start of the season.

Rosthern Soccer Association offers a full refund (less a $5.00 administration charge) of registration fees up until April 15, 2022. Please contact rosthernsoccer@hotmail.com if you wish to cancel a registration. No refunds will be offered after this date.

SEASON STARTS May 1, 2022.

We advertise on our website, www.rosthernsoccer.com,  on social media, and via many additional methods.  Our hard working volunteer executive goes above and beyond to contact as many people as possible.  Valley Soccer has deadlines for registrations that Rosthern Soccer must follow in order to ensure players receive proper insurance and are placed on team rosters, and we cannot extend beyond these deadlines.

Thank you to all that register and we look forward to seeing you on the fields!

Any questions, please email rosthernsoccer@gmail.com

Thank you!


2021 Outdoor Soccer Season – Return to Play

Rosthern Soccer Association – Return To Play Plan below:

UPDATE TO SSA RETURN TO PLAY – Version 15 April 16, 2021

Added information on how current restrictions relate to outdoor:

Masks •

 • INDOOR and OUTDOOR –Coaches, trainers, and on field support personnel are required to wear masks.

• OUTDOOR –Masks are not required for players or spectators but are recommended

• OUTDOOR Training Spaces and Guidelines • A training space must have enough space for all participants plus coaches to socially distance by 3 metres at all times• Multiple groups of 8 or fewer can be on a field as along as distanced 5 metres between groups with a maximum of 30 players total on the field

.• Maximum of 30 spectators per field -physically distanced at 2 metres between each spectator, unless from the same household• The above is for reference only. As each facility/field is unique, each Member Organizations must also consult with their facility/field operator regarding facility capacity restraints and facility specific guidelines. Also added the following clarification:

Map grant funding assistance provided by Saskatchewan Lotteries.  Thank you to Saskatchewan Lotteries for the important role they play in Saskatchewan sport, culture and recreation.

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