New to Rosthern soccer or just soccer in general? Here are some of our most popular questions received, along with their answers:

I CAN’T FIND THE INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE! Yes, it is a large and comprehensive website, so we get it. Start by navigating the headings, and if you are on a cell phone, click on the Image result for hamburger icon click“hamburger” (three dashes) to see the headings.  Then click on “Registration” – starting there will give you the prices and age categories. Then check out “Important Dates” and you will find tournament dates and game nights.  It’s all there!

WHEN DOES THE SEASON RUN? This answer can be found under the “Important Dates” heading in the website. The season is scheduled to start begin last week of April and is usually 8-10 weeks long. Of course, we cannot control for weather, so if there is a lot of snow on the ground in late April or early May, the season start may be delayed, which means it may go later into the year.  If weather causes a game to be cancelled (eg/lightning), then that game may be rescheduled for later in the year as well.  Typically, all soccer is wrapped up in time for final exams for the older children, and by late June for the younger children.

MY CHILD IS BORN IN 20XX – WHAT AGE CATEGORY WILL THEY BE? Please check out the “Registration” tab in this website. It lists all the birth years, prices and age categories.  Also, when you register online, you will be given the correct age category to register in, which defaults according the the child’s birth year

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Check out the “Registration” tab on this website, which lists the different prices for the different birth years.

I CAN’T FIND THE GAME NIGHT/TOURNAMENT WEEKEND FOR MY CHILD’S AGE CATEGORY: Are they age category U7 or younger? These categories do not have tournaments put on by Valley Soccer nor do they have game nights.  They will have one practice a week (length between 30 minutes and 1 hour) normally, but those types of things are decided by the coaches (feel free to volunteer to be a coach). U7 and younger team coaches *may* decide to play games against other teams or even have a mini jamboree, at the discretion of the coach. U9 and up have a practice each week, a game night each week, and one tournament weekend.  Check out the “Important Dates” tabs.  U18 players may or may not have two practices per week (depends on what the coach wants).

CAN MY CHILD PLAY UP/DOWN A LEVEL? All players must be registered according to their birth year. Valley Soccer does not allow players to play down an age category.  Players invited to play up an age category is at the discretion and with the permission of the coaches and Rosthern Soccer, and ONLY when the need is there due to low team roster numbers. All players must have the permission of their team’s head coach to play up to help out a team with low numbers for each and every game played.

CAN MY TWO CHILDREN PLAY ON THE SAME TEAM? If the children are in the same age category, you may email rosthernsoccer@gmail.com to advise the sibling names. Such decisions are at the discretion of the Rosthern Soccer Association executive and are not guaranteed.

CAN I PAY MY REGISTRATION/CLOTHING FEE AT A LATER DATE? Registration fees are due at the time of registration. All clothing must be paid for PRIOR to being ordered.  Clothing night this year is February 25th at Rosthern Elementary School.  All orders must be paid for at that time.

WHY HAVEN’T I HEARD FROM A COACH YET? MY FRIEND HAS HEARD FROM THEIR CHILD’S COACH ALREADY.  Coaches are assigned throughout the months of March and April. Sometimes RSA is working hard to fill these positions, and that takes time. It also takes time for coaches to set their practice time/location, as they have busy lives to go along with the (much appreciated) volunteer coaching they are doing for us. Have patience.  All schedules will get posted on this website if the coach would like or if the coach has not had time to reach out to the teams yet. Also, please consider volunteering to help a coach out with these types of communications.

WHEN WILL THE TEAMS/PRACTICE TIMES BE KNOWN: RSA gets to work on this massive project as soon as the registration period is complete, but this can take quite a bit of time. Then VSA has to work on putting together the season schedule, which is also a massive task. Usually we are able to communicate teams and coaches by late March or early April.  Valley Soccer usually has season schedules to us by late April. They also post them on their website at valleysoccer.ca.  When we know, you’ll know!

WHERE WILL MY CHILD’S PRACTICES/GAMES BE? Practices are held in Rosthern. We have a few field options for coaches, however over the next few years, we do not have the high school fields due to construction.  The “FIELDS” tab in this website will help you with locations. Coaches will decide which practice field suits them best. Games are held in Rosthern and in the opponents town as well.  Valley Soccer does a great job of trying to ensure teams have as many home games as away games. Tournament locations will be determined yet as well.

JERSEYS: Players are provided jerseys on loan by Rosthern Soccer.  Older players that are given permission by their coaches to take their jerseys home to wash them are 100% responsible for the care and the return of those jerseys, and will be charged a $50 replacement fee if the jersey is not turned in clean and in the same condition at the end of the season.

EQUIPMENT: See the “EQUIPMENT” heading in this website.  Shorts and socks must be black and long enough and are not provided by Rosthern Soccer.  Baseball cleats are NOT acceptable footwear. All players must have a WATER bottle (no sugary drinks) and are expected to clean up after themselves.

WHAT IS THE CLOTHING NIGHT FOR? This is OPTIONAL and is just an opportunity for families to purchase items with “Rosthern Soccer Association” on them. This year it is being held on February 25th at the elementary school gym. Orders will not be taken after this date. Items include shorts, track pants, hoodies, light weight jackets and t-shirts.  Please see the “EQUIPMENT” heading for uniform requirements.

I CANNOT PAY/REGISTER ONLINE. WHAT DO I DO? Contact us at rosthernsoccer@gmail.com for assistance!

WHY DID I GET ASKED TO SIT SOMEWHERE ELSE WHILE WATCHING MY CHILD’S GAME? I WAS TRYING TO FIND SHADE 🙂   We hear ya! It gets hot in June in this province! Rosthern Soccer, Valley Soccer, Saskatchewan Soccer and Canada Soccer all have a number of requirements that individuals working with youth must have completed in order to be assigned to the team personnel.  All other spectators MUST sit on the OPPOSITE side of the field from the player benches. This is for the safety of players that can be distracted by people in these areas, and also to ensure that only team personnel that have completed the “Respect in Sport” course and are insured with Valley Soccer are located in player areas. It is as awkward for referees and team personnel to ask you to move, as it is to be asked to move, so let’s just avoid that situation altogether! And make sure no children are playing on unused goal posts – these can tip!

IT’S RAINING! IS PRACTICE CANCELLED? Nope! Check out the weather policy on the Valley Soccer website which states that, “The only time a game or practice is cancelled is due to thunder and lightning, weather warnings/watches, periods of elevated air pollution, severe storms, or poor field conditions (i.e. water pooling on the field, frozen field, snow cover, etc). Rain or showers do not cancel or postpone a game or practice!”  The policy goes on to state that only a referee or the local town association may cancel a game or practice and that the coach does not make this decision.

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