Field Marshalls

What does the Field Marshall do? Why do we need a Field Marshall? How can I best support soccer in the role of Field Marshall? Is it Marshal or Marshall?

All good questions!!

Team personnel may contact you to act as the Field Marshall at a home game or at a tournament game. Rosthern Soccer Association will have a Field Marshall binder available at the game to assist you in the role. You will sit in the middle between the two teams town spectators on the spectator side of the field. Please know that soccer games need this crucial role fulfilled to run smoothly and that we are thankful for all of our Field Marshalls.

Field Marshall


The role of the Field Marshal is to maintain a positive and sportsmanlike environment around the playing field.
The Field Marshal shall position themselves in between the two Town’s spectators on the spectator side of the field.
1. Monitor the behavior of parents/fans. This includes the use of obscene or highly abusive language, threats of bodily harm, fighting or continued berating of officials or others involved in the game.
2. Ensure parents/fans do not enter the field of play or player’s bench
3. The Field Marshall is to remind parents/fans to keep their 
comments to themselves and refrain from vocalizing their complaints during the game.
4. Quickly diffuse potential problems before they arise by either being visible or calmly speaking 
with the individual(s) involved.
5. Deal with, and act on, inappropriate comments, gestures and/or general unsporting behavior 
directed at referees, players or any other individual by your teams’ spectators but please avoid getting into a confrontation. If someone is still hostile after being asked to calm down, please gather as much information but do not put yourself in a dangerous position.
6. Ensure that children are kept off old goal posts as this is a huge liability issue
7. Ensure that spectators are not sitting on the player side of the field. Parents sitting on the player side of the fields cause distractions and could have liability issues as all individuals on the player side of the field require the Respect in Sport course.
The Field Marshal is not expected to put themselves in a situation which may compromise their safety and instead are asked to contact the Rosthern Soccer Association at

The following document is from WYSA (also under VSA) and it nicely outlines the Field Marshall role as well:

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