Rosthern has a “no sunflower seeds in shells” policy on all fields.  Sunflower seeds are not permitted at our fields.

Rosthern Field Locations:

Pool Park” Centennial Park – Corner of 4th Avenue and 6th Street. This field is used primarily for U5 and U7 practices.  During tournaments this entire park area often has additional activities going on.

OLD Rosthern Elementary School – 3rd Street and 2nd Avenue – sometimes used for team practices.

Rosthern Community School – 4th Avenue and 4th Street. Should be ready for the 2022 season.

Rosthern Junior College. There are two fields at this location. The “rink fields” are located on the 5th Street side of the College. The approximate address is the 9000 block of 5th Street. These fields beside the Rosthern Junior College rink are used for U11 games and practices (they run in a west/east direction at this age level) and for U13 games and practices (they run in a north/south direction at U13).

The second field location at Rosthern Junior College is the “football field” location. The approximate address is 9th Avenue and Saskatchewan Street (or Highway 312). This larger field is used for the U15 and U18s for games and practices.

We would like to remind families that children are not permitted to climb on soccer goal posts (even those not in use) and that spectators MUST sit on the opposite side of the field from the player benches.


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