2021 Outdoor Soccer Season – Return to Play

Rosthern Soccer Association – Return To Play Plan below:

UPDATE TO SSA RETURN TO PLAY – Version 15 April 16, 2021

Added information on how current restrictions relate to outdoor:

Masks •

 • INDOOR and OUTDOOR –Coaches, trainers, and on field support personnel are required to wear masks.

• OUTDOOR –Masks are not required for players or spectators but are recommended

• OUTDOOR Training Spaces and Guidelines • A training space must have enough space for all participants plus coaches to socially distance by 3 metres at all times• Multiple groups of 8 or fewer can be on a field as along as distanced 5 metres between groups with a maximum of 30 players total on the field

.• Maximum of 30 spectators per field -physically distanced at 2 metres between each spectator, unless from the same household• The above is for reference only. As each facility/field is unique, each Member Organizations must also consult with their facility/field operator regarding facility capacity restraints and facility specific guidelines. Also added the following clarification:

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